1. You have entered the twilight zone.

    You have entered the twilight zone.

  2. Bichiku:  #Rift

    Bichiku: #Rift

  3. Bichiku: Woah! I can update Tumblr through Rift :D So badass. #Rift

    Bichiku: Woah! I can update Tumblr through Rift :D So badass. #Rift

  5. Thanks Mr. C for that YouTube card.

    Thanks Mr. C for that YouTube card.

  6. Damned Tumblr html…

    I’ll get back at it later.

  7. epic4chan:

Want some chips?  画


    Want some chips? 


  8. Harriet Tubman.

  9. Some friends.

    Ok, so, I started this year off with meeting the new freshmen as they became social in high school. I became friends with my cousin’s friends, even the ones from another school, all of who were freshmen. At my school, they offer guitar class and since I play guitar, I figured, what the heck, lets go show some people up. I was wrong. Going into the class, there was one kid who stood out, one who knew what the fuck he was doing with a guitar. Casey. He was the best player I had seen in person, ever. Better than both of my brothers. Better than my friends. This kid knew what he was doing. So, being me, I wanted to become friends with him, so, I did by telling him how to throw a bass line into Simple Man, while playing the main rift. From that point on, we clicked, actually becoming life long friends. (He knew me from knowing my cousin, so, things went a lot easier with being social) Anyway, we started playing on Xbox together, there which I made more freshmen friends. One, particularly, was Avery. This kid is more musically inclined than anyone I know. Anything and everything he played was perfect. No flaws. Notes flowed from his fingers like it’s what he was put on this earth to do. He was a killer drummer, as well. After only talking for a few weeks, I mentioned to Avery about starting a band. We both agreed, grabbing Casey right off of the back to be a guitarist. Then, we had planned on hanging out. The weekend came and I showed up to Casey’s, soon followed by Avery’s mom. She picked up Casey and I and we went to retrieve Avery from band practice. This was the first time I had met Avery in person. We arrived at Avery’s house, his garage wide open with his dad and another guy playing Halo: Reach. The first thing his dad said to me was, “I bet you play Alliance, faggot.” Which was hilarious. Immediately I had a liking for all of these new people I was meeting. It was the perfect crowd for me. We just chilled out for that night, though, not really talking about the band, but playing Halo. The next time we hung out, we got this fail bass player, Evan, to show up. My cousin, Mason, was there as well. We wrote a song, and headed to the garage the next morning to play. Evan, being Evan, couldn’t hold tempo. We kicked him after the 2nd weekend, and got Mason to play bass. Mason had never played bass before and right off of the back, he could play. Which was awesome. We could train him to play what we needed him to play. Anyway, since I was a junior, I had stuff I had to do. The band was just kind of too much for me at the time. I was always showing up to practice really late, so forth. Then, this caused a pause in practice, Casey’s dad passed away. We didn’t have practice for about a month because of this. Not putting anything on that, at all. We all went to the funeral, being there for a close friend. After, we got back together, things were kind of going down hill. Practice slowed down, people started having issues, so forth. Then, right at the end of that semester, when we were all becoming free, Avery wanted to put the band on hold. I agreed seeing how people had things to do, but we were all finished with the stuff that was holding us up. Finals, so forth. So, it didn’t really make sense. After about a month, me questioning the band, found that Avery was in another band. Which sucked so much ass. I didn’t know what to say to him. Our band’s songs were sounding so great, and everyone agreed. Avery pretty much said it was a side thing, so, about a week later, I suggested we get the band back together. I was replied with, “I’m already to far into this band to put it down. Sorry, man.” Immediately it was like a link was broken. Avery and I haven’t spoke since. I’ve seriously been dying to have our band back, because we were such a good group. We could hit it big without any problems. Everything was there. Today, I logged onto Facebook, just getting back from my brothers house, to have Avery’s dad message me. He said, “search out casey and avery’s band and like them.” I read that with dread. I had seen the bands page on Facebook for about a month now, just thinking it was the same band Avery was in. I was wrong. Now I feel completely betrayed. With Avery, it doesn’t surprise me, seeing how we haven’t talked, but with Casey, it just hurt. I don’t understand why they would get together again without even telling me. They’ve had it planned for awhile and no word was ever thrown my way. I don’t understand how any friend could do this to another. It’s fucked up. It’d be different if one of them had told me that they we’re making the band. I wouldn’t have even minded not being in it. But for the fact that I wasn’t told makes it seem as if they were hiding it, purposely. I’d take a bullet for these kids. I respect them, but apparently they don’t have the same view on me.

  10. Well, I got my dads Zippo working after a few hours of working on it.
He had this on him the day he passed 18 years ago.
It hasn’t been lit up since that day, until it was in my hands.

    Well, I got my dads Zippo working after a few hours of working on it.

    He had this on him the day he passed 18 years ago.

    It hasn’t been lit up since that day, until it was in my hands.